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Just some 15 year old girl living in London fangirling during her teenage years. No biggie. This bio can't describe the amazing person I am but I'll try my best and share.

Things About Me:
~Guitarist(but I suck tho)
~Pianist(AmaZAYN at it)
~Larry shipper

~One Direction
~Justin Bieber
~The Script
~Selena Gomez
~Anything that's edible
Writing fanfics

~Taylor Swift (more than anything. She's just a whore seeking for attention but I do like her songs and I will probably use some of her break up songs cuz they fit for the stories)
~Spitting (spits out stuff from mouth & spits while talking)

And I think that's all! I hope you enjoy my fanfics and please become a fan! Love ya all! ~Sutton

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    Love this story so far and you can't just leave us with a cliffhangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And could you check out my story "Please Remember Me"? It would mean so much to me ~Sutton
    When danger brings you face to face with him, would you stay or leave. I, Hayley Belle, fell in love with a vampire.
  • ~Sutton_Harris~
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    ❤|Kidnapped| ❤
    ❤|Kidnapped| ❤
    One day Louis Tomlinson decided to throw a party for his sisters Nially & Louisa. He also invites a crowd of celebrities as well, but an un-wanted guest arrived at the party. Louis's ex gf (Kristine)....
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