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I am a Delhi based school teacher. Like reading popular fiction and poems.

  • Supriya Prathapan
    Yes people can't mind their own business. They are always advising. Interesting way of putting this across.
    Bird on an aeroplane
    Bird on an aeropla...
    I’m a bird Afraid to fly. I’m a bird But i can’t reach the sky. A poem about being different. About not being yourself, but trying to be the person the other ones want you to be. A poem about...
  • Supriya Prathapan
    Gr8 imagery. After chilly and depressing winters, sunshine and warm weather offers much respite. Beautifully depicted. In my country, we have Spring before summer.
    Summer Paradise
    Summer Paradise
    This poem is being published in Miracle E Zine magazine :)
    5 years ago
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    Thank you very much :) We have Spring before summer as well, but I just left Spring out of the poem
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