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      Time Passing and Whatnot

      I've had the same friends for a long time. When I left for college we performed the necessary surgeries on our relationships to be long-distance friends. Or "old friends." We get together in the hometown that I, at least, hardly ever see any more, and we update each other.
      And we reference the past. It doesn't seem like a long time ago, when you were playing cards during chemistry class, when you were talking about boys around a bonfire, when you were singing Disney songs during track practice--until you crunch the numbers and realize that it was three years ago, or longer.
      You are no longer the youngest people looking for silly t-shirts at Goodwill. You're not the least experienced driver on the road. You see sixteen-year-olds on Tumblr and they look so young, so filled with dreams that you killed off because it was easier that way.
      They're also better at Photoshopping pictures of Matt Smith, but that's beside the point.
      My point is, it will all be over so quickly. I even get nostalgic for the ugly parts sometimes.
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      Thinkin' Bout Fame

      I started out thinking that I wanted to talk about One Direction, about how they're SO YOUNG and how that level of fame, that simultaneous power and loss of it can screw with your head.
      I mean, you're rich enough to spend an average person's yearly earnings on a watch. But you can't go outside without getting mobbed, you can't date someone without thousands of fans judging her all over the Internet. You're tied to your role in a band that was made, not born, in the least organic way possible.
      And then I thought: At least they're not alone.
      And then: Imagine going it alone. Imagine getting what you wanted. What if it didn't make you happy, or if the happiness was complicated by what you had to give up on the way?
      This is the story I want to tell. It started with these boys and they'll get their book, their Forever Youngs, their bright possible futures.
      But they aren't the end.
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