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Hello strange person who came to my page for some odd reason,

I'm Cait. I am 15 years old and welcome to my page.

Now onto meeting me.

I'm 15 years old, The chick in the picture above is me :).
I like to listen to music, draw, write stories and lyrics for songs, play video games, hang with friends, sing, act, read, watch movies, skateboard, climb trees, hike, be out in nature, and finally relax when I get the chance.

I have 6 other siblings (yea one crazy family) but three of them do not live in the state and are my half siblings but I consider them my whole siblings. I have 10 true friends that I hang out.

I have two best friends who I love dearly.

My favorite bands are: Sleeping with sirens, Pierce the veil, black veil brides, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the disco, Saywecanfly, Bring me the horizon, I prevail, Front Porch Step, The Cab, Escape the fate, 5 seconds of summer, He is we, A day to remember, Twenty one pilots, Mayday Parade, Memphis May fire, Taken back Sunday, Secondhand Serenade, Starset, All time low, Hollywood undead and many more

My favorite movies are: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry potter (all of them), The Maze Runner (this first two so far), The Divergent Series (the first three so far) and Grease.

My favorite Color is: Black and Mint green.

My Favorite songs as of right now are: These are the lies by The Cab, My heart I surrender by I prevail, and Heaven is Hell by Saywecanfly.

My favorite Quote is: Lies just become stories we want to hear.

Well that's it of me.

If you would want to role play you can message me. I usually role play about Creepypasta's, bands, tv shows, movies, celebrities, youtubers, and things like that. (Not really good a anime so please don't ask.)

You can follow, message me, comment , read a story or be a werido on my page. So yea Bye..

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    Me night last night at 8 or something Me, ImaAquaPenguin aka Tessa and my bestfriend Melody Derr went to the hospital because earlier that yesterday Me and Melody were skateboarding and I fell full force onto my right shoulder. At the hospital they did 5 Xrays and they said I sprained my shoulder but it could be wrong. I am now wearing a sling for two more days and an ice pack to keep the swelling down. My night
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