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  • sunshineflowers
    My experience of smugness
    (my best friend ): haha I got a higher grade than you
    (me): 1 its only a target grade
    . 2 you copied off me for the full year

    My experience of hypocrites
    ( the same best friend): omg why don't U help me ur supposed to help me I have problems
    (me) can U just help me with this
    (friend) no way ur smart enough to do It yourself GEEK !

    My experience of
    Seriously.. Why?!
    Seriously.. Why?!
    This is a book about things I do not understand, things in this world that I find dumb and I think.. Seriously.. Why?! If you're in for a laugh or want to know if you and someone else have the same...
  • sunshineflowers
    please help me I have ideas but im just not sure how to follow on from here !!!
    add a comment and i will take on board your ideas
    just a dream???
    just a dream???
    My heart was beating so fast i could hardly breathe. It was like a ton of bricks wheighing me down churning my stomach as I tiptoed across the creaking wooden floor. The floor stopped creaking as I reached...
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