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I'm just your average 15 year old girl going through school and hanging with my friends when I can. I love poetry and other writing. It is a place in which I can escape from the world and pour out my feelings or tell events from my view but in a way that doesn't always make it so obvious what it's about. Writing is something that helps me through the good times and the bad. It's actually quite funny, I never really thought that I would actually become attached to my poetry but if someone took it away from me now... I don't know what I would do. It has become a part of me. Anyway I would appreciate it if people would leave comments on my work and if you REALLY like it, then add it to your favourites and hit that like button!

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    Hey guys! Well, I must say, I am very happy that my latest poem has gotten over 30 views in the month that it has been on this site. I would like to thank everyone that has read it. I have some new stuff I am writing that I will upload as soon as I can, in the meantime you all know where my work is so....keep hitting that favourite button and adding comments!!!!!!
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    -_- seriously guys.

    Okay guys, this is getting kinda ridiculous. I need to hear from you guys in the comments so I can get some feedback on how I can improve my writing.
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    Sorry Guys!

    Oh my gosh, I am really sorry I haven't had a chance to add anything new onto Movellas. It has been crazy these past few weeks as I am now in Year 11 which is a very demanding year due to coursework, revision and exams. I will try and upload something new when I can but it may not be as frequent as it used to be. I am also currently taking a Creative Writing AS level which is absolutely amazing! I love it! I hope you guys will like what I do manage to upload. Love you all! xxx
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    Okay, so I took my Science GCSE a year early (In year 10) and I have another one to do in year 11. I got my results today and I managed to get a B!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! :D
  • Sunny Chee


    I'm not kidding guys, I really do need to hear back from you because I need to know how I can improve. It is really important that you guys comment on my work. Thank you xx
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