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I'm your standard 19 year old, just chilling and probably drinking a little more than I should XD.
I love to write, though between working and studying with The Open University, it's sometimes difficult to fit it in. One of my favourite things is when I get a random idea in the middle of the night and I just HAVE to wake up and write it down because otherwise it will drive me insane. It's so annoying but so wonderful at the same time...
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my work (though don't judge me too harshly on the 2012-2014 stuff. That feels like an eternity ago!) Any reviews would be awesome so....yeah. Comment away!

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    I think I would love to spend Christmas with Anne Shirley, as she is such an unusual character for her time...I think we would be 'kindred spirits' as she would put it. Plus she's a total badass when it comes to besting Gilbert Blythe XD I would get her a lovely leather-bound journal and a new dress, with poofy sleeves, of course!
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    Ok before anyone says anything, I can't figure out Movellas cus I haven't been on it for so long. This was all in it's correct stanzas but I hit the publish button and it fudged it all up -_-
    Obsidian Prince
    Obsidian Prince
    So after around a year of writer's block, I've finally created something that doesn't make me want to gauge my own eyes out. I'm actually very proud of this and for once would like to dedicate this to...
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    Hola my small group of fans, I would like to really apologise for my extended absence. I know I haven't posted anything in what seems like an eternity but I have had a lot of revision and exams to get through. HOWEVER, as of the 18th of June my exams will be over so I should be able to start writing more :)
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