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    Name: alejandra or alex (girl)
    Age: teen
    Type: wolf
    Fur Color: snow white (human me has black hair)
    Eyes: pitch black
    Scares: none
    Marks: none
    Power : control movement
    Job: hunter/spy
    Skills: strong and intelligent
    Family: not related
    Reason: ran away from battle
    Story : Lex and her pack her attacker by suprise. Her pack was losing and she thought she was going to die. Her brother tells her to run and to not stop. She runs thinking they escaped only to notice it was only her alone. Lost, she discovered her powers and found a new pack.
    The Becoming Of The Packs
    The Becoming Of...
    This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course....
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    not an enemy c:
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    I need a photo to go with this.. google images :D
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