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  • Summer Sunshine
    I updated a new chapter! Please tell me if its good? Please Like, Favourite and comment! >:)
    Letters To Niall
    Letters To Niall
    When Carter Rose is having problems and not even her best friend Chloe can talk to her she decides to try a pen pal. Little did she know that itwould make her end up in a sintuation like this.
  • Summer Sunshine
    More more more!! :D
    5 In A Bed
    5 In A Bed
    "I'm living in a house with four boys and I'm the only female. Why? I honestly don't know." Anna is staying with her brother Will, and his three best friends: Nick, Harry and Mark while she finishes...
  • Summer Sunshine
    Name: Cassie Age: 13 Personality: Shy, funny, loveable Appereance: I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair Niall or Liam: Niall Why do you love this fanfic: Iove this fanfic that no words can describe it either, Okay I'm speechless.
    How True Love Really Starts
    How True Love Real...
    It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school......
  • Summer Sunshine
    My Name is Cassie. Can i please have one with Niall?, I have Honey Brown eyes and Blonde hair. Thank you :)
    One Direction Imagines!
    One Direction Imag...
    This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color,...
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