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  • Dream_Catcher10
    Can I have a cover please?

    1. Dream_Catcher10
    2. The Killer Within
    3. Any that would look good
    4. It's a fanfiction about the walking dead :)
    5. Sometimes the killing isn't only on the outside but within as well.
    6. Something apocalyptic and zombie like. The main character is carl grimes if that is any help.
    Cover store *OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    Cover store *OPEN!...
    This is my cover store! Just follow the instructions on the first chapter and comment what you need! :) *OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!*
    1 months ago
    It's up!
    3 weeks ago
    Thank you, it looks amazing!! I'll give you credit in the blurb. :)
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