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I really don't have a description for you.. Sorry.

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    OMG!!!! This is amazing!!! Your so talented!!!!!
    The Girl behind the book
    The Girl behind...
    "His eyes flicker over the comments, and they grow angrier as he reads more and more. His knuckles go white as he clenches my phone. 'They...t-they do this t-to you?' I nod, silent and he closes his eyes....
    T.W.S Shadownight📖
    Thank you :) I am planning to put another chapter up today
    3 years ago
    OMG!!!!!! Yassss please!!!!!!!
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    YOU HAVE TO UPDATE!!!!!!!! Thus is an AMAZING book!! I wish I could write like you..
    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗ м.c
    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗...
    ''Yeah.. So.. Let me hear your rules then'' I said folding my arms. ''Rules?''. ''Yeah... Every babysitter has rules''. ''Well I do have a to do list'' He said. ''What's on it?''. ''You''...
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    This is an amazing book!!!!!!!!!! Your so talented!!!
    the lake ☼ lrh
    the lake ☼ lrh
    They met when they were 7 at The Lake behind their houses. They became best friends at the age of 8. They were each other's first kiss at age 13. They were each other's first make out at age 15. They...
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