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Would you miss me? Or would you not care at all?

  • SuicidalEmoFreak
    Skie hey it's me Nick I know your up with some horrible things right now and you really don't want to confess anything but really now you have to forget about him and her. Especially him. He's a jackass for what he did to you but I know your better than this. I know you'll find that perfect someone for you and a bestfriend as well but first you need to forget about them. A guy like him isn't worth it. You are someone who truly is and are an incredible person because you always fight things alone even when we were small. Cheer up....ok?
    Pfft you spelled scientifically wrong xD
    2 years ago
    ha made you laugh xD ah well I gtg my girlfriend is like are you texting Loren? She says hi, bye Skie
    Bye Nick tell her I say hi as well
  • SuicidalEmoFreak

    mumbled "wow just wow"

    How can you all just trample over my friend like that? You know how hard he's trying to have feelings, to live, and to have friends he can trust. I just got finished talking with him and he's telling me he feels like a motherfucker shity ass bitch who doesn't give a damn about anyone because of one post someone had to mumble. You know I don't know how many times he has told everyone he about his life trusting you all to at least understand him but instead you guys are making him seem like a bad guy. This is why he has trust problems! This is why he rather be alone where no one will bother him. This is why he's the person he is now...he puts on smile thinking everyday will a new start. He fakes his happiness. He fakes his smiles, he writes for your entertainment, he used to mumble to you all thinking at least some of would answer him and talk with him. He wanted to share a moment with all of you but theres to many of you. You know everyday I speak to him it seems like he's just getting worse on his health, he's feeling less and his hope is almost gone. His hope of fighting in life is being teared apart by all of you and yet you all say your his friend...if you really truly was his friend would you talk bad? would you mumble things that aren't true about him? WOULD YOU mumble something that you know will hurt his feelings more than he is now. His background covers goes to all of you. That question in his background of his profile goes to ALL OF YOU. Are you happy? Are you happy of what you've done to him? because it seems like none of you cared and you say you did when in reality your to busy for "things" you had to do or "busy" with stuff.If you are all wondering who i'm talking about which some of you already know but it's about Evan. I think you all need to apologize to him even if you did nothing to him or said nothing about him. None of you gave time to speak with saying "Oh how are you feeling today?" "Hey are you better now?" "Hey how was your day today?" None of youu gave time to even speak with him. You know he doesn't want to get on movellas anymore. He's sick and tired of it all. He wants to delete movellas and pretend he never made an account and that his creations of stories where all just a stupid crap that wasn't good. Well I hope your happy because i doubt any of you will change his mind at all....
    2 years ago
    I may not know what's going on, but if you ever want to vent, I'm here to listen. I may not get on as much, but I do get e-mail alerts. Don't listen to what everybody is saying, and just trust yourself. Life is going to be hard and there are going to be a lot of haters, but if you show these haters that what they say doesn't bother you, then you win. People who talk crap about others don't have a life, or say crap because they're having a bad day. Just keep your head up, and listen only to the people who love you and support you.
    This actually really got me scared..
    2 years ago
    I'm sorry
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