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Hey everyone. It's just Alice here. I'm just another person. No, I'm just another girl in the world who happens to be annoying and stupid. Nothing Special. And I happen to be a directioner.

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    I agree to both. I remember first reading a completely innocent 1D fanfic and then finding a highly erotic and sexually explicit one. I see your point of view on how this isn't acceptable for younger readers and agree that it should be changed. I agree to signing both in complete support of your word.
    The Fight Against Erotica
    The Fight Against...
    Movellas is currently being polluted with stories which are breaking the rules. The worst thing? There's so many most of them are getting away with it. If you are also not happy about this, read this....
    Eve Smallman
    5 years ago
    Yeah, you know, it's those fanfics which make the innocent fanfics turn into something inappropriate because they want to get liked/favs/etc. And it's the younger writers who need protecting, and I'm sure their parents don't want them reading erotic stories on a place they're supposed to be being creative and happy on. Thanks for your support!
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