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  • sugarsweetXD
    This was pretty good. I cant wait until another chapter comes! I really enjoy your writing.
    The Secret Crush
    The Secret Crush
    My first fanfiction story!! Castiel finds out who has a big secret crush on him.. And how does everyone react? Dean Winchester and castiel from supernatural!! With different people from the show and other...
  • sugarsweetXD
    I read it. It was a little boring. Long winded... Just not interesting. I could only bear the first 4 pages. You are a great writer, but that did not catch my interest. Just trying to help.
    Sam Winchester x Reader (Supernatural Fanfic)
    Sam Winchester x...
    You and only you coming to a mysteries world and coming close to Sammy! You was with your brother to your new school day and suddenly it's happen a weird car accident and you suddenly meet Sam! :Warning:...
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