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  • suckernarry

    :) :( :) :( :)

    HEY , ehm. yes, ehm, how do I say this, hmmm.
    I haven't been updating at all the last month (maybe longer I don't know), and Im really sorry about that.
    I have a really bad writers block which is one of the reasons I haven't written anything at all. For an example, I needed to write a rapport for school, it took me a week, where normally it would only take me a day, and the worst thing, it was only a page and a half.
    But with that, I've been going trough some ups and downs, and I wish could apologize for that, but I can't, but I will apologize for when I could've updating, I didn't. And my weeks have also been really busy and all that.
    But enough of that, I will still try to write, and hopefully my block will go away soon..
    (as I can see now, all my mumbles are full of apologizes, hhaha, sorry for that)
    undskyld? Jeg ved godt The q er stoppet med at skrive på Stalker, men er der ikke mulighed for at du måske kunne fortsætte den? den er virkelig god og elsker at Conor Maynard er med i den:) jeg elsker historien:)

    Xx migC:
  • suckernarry


    Hello guys, I have an important announcement + why I haven't been updating at all (and im really sorry for that)
    I have been really busy at the time and got no time for anything and the homework i get at the time is killing and i just got a new computer (macbook pro (fingerling)) and i haven't got Word yet so i don't have any where to write other than in hear (and im trying on that)but im really sorry for not having updating at all, like im just stocked. So let me just tell you all, that on my phone I've been working on this new movella (YES I KNOW I SHOULDN'T BE STARTING ON A NEW I KNOW I KNOW I JUST COULDN'T HELP IT OKAY)

    And im gonna give you the Title and it's Art Camp, so you can use your imagination to guess whats its gonna be about and who its gonna be with.

  • suckernarry


    I think actually all my mumbles are about me being sorry for not having updated, and this time, I'm gonna apologize again. Since I kind of broke my computer, I dot have any before in may, and the other computer I have. But I will hopefully get a chapter out anyway, I don't know how yet, but. I think I can make it.

    I love you all, for being so patience with me
    Yeah it is. Well English isn't that hard to learn, I've got english lessons in 5 years now, so. With other language you mean, danish, japanese and german? :)
    hahahah. Since English and German (or french) is language you need to learn in school here in Denmark, and I'm danish japanese, then yeah, i can speak four langúages. But my goal is Spanish and French too. Elvish, what is that????
    Ohhhhhh ahhahah. I doubt it counts ahahhah
    Noooo. I can find more mental things about me haaha
  • suckernarry

    Punch me

    Punch me kick me or what ever. Im just so sorry.
    I having been updating in ages, and did really hope that I could get an udate tonight, but something changed, and I needed to be another place, and first Monday will I proberly have a new chapter out. Im so so so so sos o so so sos os so so sorry guys.
    But since Im having almost no school right now I have some more time, and I will then hopefully have some more chapters out.
    Sorry guys

  • suckernarry


    I think I'm just gotta 'mumble' a picture or you, for my sorry of not updating
    Awwwh, I feel bad for you. She was in Demnark about an week ago, and I couldn't see her because she was performing on the Danish X Factor, and I didn't have any tickets. So i just ended home at a friend me fangirling like a crazy in front of the tv while she was filmed me. I defently do not want to see it
    hahahhah. I think everone knows Marina and the diamonds here, because she had a big break trough with Primmadonna and right now how to be a Heart breaker and im just like; I know all her songs, bitch.
    And people know who Birdy are, or they'll proberly know if i starts to sing skinny love, because she's pretty known for that overhere, but thats all, and thats very very very sad :(
    Me too hahahha. When it gets played in the radio I'm just screaming and singing really loud, just the typical, you know
    Hahahah. I do that too, and I get a lot a weird looks too
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