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For now you can just know me by SuchMadness for everyone has a little madness in them. I love writing, so much I can't stop at times, as well as reading. Give me a pen or a pencil and something to write on and I will go to town on that piece of paper and make the most of it.

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    This really was a lovely piece. It especially touched me since I have a friend with cancer. Even though there were a few spelling errors, besides that the description was on point. The emotion in this story really got a hold of the reader. I absolutely loved it.
    Until death do us part
    Until death do us...
    A short story that I've been working on for this competition. I really hope you like it! 'I have been on this earth for only a mere moment, but soon I shall be gone for an eternity. But, even when...
    6 years ago
    aww thank you, i wish your friend all the best, i'm glad you liked it x
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