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    OMMMMGGGG!!! PLEASE DONT! I REPEAT DONT!! STOP WITH THIS STORY ITS SO GOOD I WOULD READ IT 1000 TIMES IF I HAD THE TIME. IM SURE A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE IT THEY JUST WANNA KEEP IT A SECRET ;) PLEASE CONTINUE I BEG YOU. oh and if you're just worried about the views and stuff dont be worried you look like you're just a beginner once you grow a fan base if you continue writing stories then there will be like 1000 OR 10 000 VIEWS!!
    Caught In The Middle...
    Caught In The Midd...
    15 year old Jennifer just started high school hoping it would be like everything she had seen in the movies. She came to this school in the middle of the year because she was bullied out of her old one....
    4 years ago
    Aww thanks I'll continue. Thank you xx
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