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I love to read and write. My favorite artist is Justin Bieber and i am completely in love with One Direction. Other bands i like are Kings of Leon, Paramore, Simple Plan...
I love to draw and I LOVE ANGELS. I just love them the wings and EVERYTHING about them.

  • StyBer4ever
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    This is GOOD,,,, I like fan fics but sometimes they can b reallly CHEESY
    What Is It With Fanfics?
    What Is It With...
    What is it with fancics on this website? Why does everyone love them? I understand if you like some celebrities or something, but to write stories about them? I think it's crazy! I'm not too fond of them...
  • StyBer4ever
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    Tomorrow i will upload a chapter... a more exciting chapter i promise
    Stalking My New Neighbour (Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)
    Stalking My New...
    Annabel Dickinson is a rich, beautiful and popular girl with a perfect life. As you can tell her life is perfect... well almost. The only thing messing up her life was a car accident in wich her mom died....
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