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She's the girl who helps others stay strong, while she's struggling herself.
He's the boy who looks at her as just another fan.
She's the one who won't stop under any circumstances to see him.
He's the one staying strong for his Beliebers.
She's the one who loves him with all her heart.
He's the one that inspires her.
She's the one who cries whenever he does.
He's the one who taught her to believe in her dreams.
She's the one who believes in him.
He's the one who changed her life.
She's the one who would never leave him for the world.
She's also me.

Belieber since '08. | Harry give me your gravy | Jerry isn't just a mouse | I love Niall and his braces. | Peace Out ✌

  • stuckinherdaydreams
    Please update!!! This is really good :) xx
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  • stuckinherdaydreams
    Pleeeeease update!! :)
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