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    mumbled "....."

    It’s ten to 1am here, but alas, Midnight Mass waits for no man…. Or lass….
    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, just as you deserve! (And if you don’t celebrate, have a warm squishy hug anyhow!)
    Now, I need sleep before being bounced awake by siblings in a few short hours. The “It’s me birthday” card doesn’t seem to work if your birthday’s on Christmas Day… :1
    Goodnight and joy be to you all,
    Z xx
    3 years ago
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    mumbled "Pyschopath's Choice"

    Sooo, another chapter of Pyschopath's Choice has just rolled its way into your life.... alas, the format is dreadful, but the school computers are being arsey with me... :(
    I'll try and remember to sort the formatting tonight: you may need to remind me if I don't...
    Hope you enjoy it,
    Z xx
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    mumbled "Any suggestions?"

    Hallo there, ducklings, how are you today??
    I have no idea why you're ducklings.... let's roll with it, eh?!
    I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. Having tried desperately to get back into the swing of writing and failing, I've been looking for easy ways to get back into it. In the past, I've tackled a few 30 day challenges (namely the letters and song challenges) and they seemed to work a dream... I guess what I'm asking is does anyone know of any other challenges like these? I have no idea what else is out there... any suggestions would be lovingly received!!
    Z xx
    3 years ago
    If I ever try and do something like that, I put my music on shuffle and writing a short- or long- story inspired by a line, or a word, or the emotion, or whatever the song is actually about.
    Works for me, if that's the kind of thing you're after. :)
    Now that sounds like a good plan!! I could *beware-imminent speculations appear!* redo the 30 day song challenge, and use each song as the prompt.... would that work, d'ye think??
  • StripeyLittleFishy

    mumbled "Quick note"

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    Hallo there!!
    Just a quick note to say that I'm gonna be posting little.... bits of writing I do over time under a new book cover.... the first one should be up dreckly.... i.e. when I've typed it!!

    Hope you're all well,
    Z xx
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