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Musician, Writer, Artist.
Band Name: Stretcher Bearer
Dada,Surrealist,Psychedelic,experimental, Garage rock.

  • StretcherBearer

    mumbled "Anachronism."

    The pleasure of anachronistic plot abandonment free one from the pressure of precision dull nice accuracy. Leave that to the mathematicians. Art, anti-Art, whatever is the pinnacle of doing all the things we were restricted to do , when being educated in "How the REAL WORLD WORKS" which by now should have lost any credibility in the eyes of anyone , the idea of singular, or even yes/no truths are ludicrous and dull.
  • StretcherBearer

    mumbled "Bomb goggles"

    Currently, the expunging of records retreats to farming villages for the next harvest. I was so tired of watching the test of the Hydrogen bombs, that i decided to become a rodeo clown assistant.
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