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I find it funny
How one word
Said once
Can change someone's perspective
On themselves
C o m p l e t e l y


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  • Shaxtered Heart

    mumbled "once again"

    Like on my unstated previous account, I am leaving this website. I do not plan on returning or making any contact with this site. All the drama in my feed is just annoying. Some of my stories will be continued on other sites....
  • Shaxtered Heart

    mumbled "sighh"

    I see all these mumbles welcoming new Movellas users and I didn't get any welcome at all. -_- proves how much I'm wanted >·<
    Black China
    3 years ago
    Maybe no one noticed. This site is pretty big so it's hard to welcome EVERY person. So it wasn't intentional.
  • Shaxtered Heart
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    It sounds amazing
    Cloud 9
    Cloud 9
    Marlee Reed has always had a keen eye for things, noticing small details and differences that no other person would. One major detail she's noticed: use-to-be nerd Liam Payne now belongs to the popular...

  • Shaxtered Heart
    You know, you could go to jail for telling someone to kill themselves? And I'm not being rude because I don't know if you really are stuck up or if you have some crazy Shit going on in your life. But whatever it is, it's no reason to tell someone to kill themselves.
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