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♥ Haiii, guys! :3 ♥

♥ I'm Flo. :) ♥

♥ I like potatoes, carrots and plastic-pigeon-pets called Kevin. ♥

♥ I like guys with curly hair and green eyes who like cats. ♥

♥ I like guys with quiffed up hair and hazel eyes who like mirrors. ♥

♥ I like guys with blondish-brown hair and brown eyes who hate spoons. ♥

♥ I like guys with bleached blond hair and blue eyes who are Irish. ♥

♥ I like guys with striped t-shirts and blue eyes who like girls who like carrots. ♥

♥ In short, I love One Direction. :) ♥

♥ You don't need to know anything about me, except the fact that I'm a Vampire-Cat-Unicorn... ;) :P xD ♥

I'm annoying. I'm still awesome, though. ;)

I like changing biographies/descriptions.
So, don't be surprised if you see something else over here the next time you view *cough* STALK *cough* my account. :) Hehe. :P

Oh, and about stalking. I despise it. By the way, stalking One Direction and other celebrities is a totally different thing. :P
I hate stalkers. Mind you. Yeah you too, the one in the back. Thought I couldn't see you, huh? Well, I did. ;)
Perverts and pedophiles, stay away. I'm pink belt in Diamond Karate. :P

I think I was gonna write something else here. I forgot what, tho. UGH.

I have a special talent for rhyming things unintentionally..

Give me a vintage record of The Beatles and I'll kiss your feet forever.

[Note: Perfect biography is still under construction, so yeah.. :P]

Advice: Deal with it, bro.

★ ωση'т ѕтσρ тιℓℓ ωє ѕυяяєη∂єя ★

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