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I'm here to write and give you the things you want to read and adventure out into. I write basically anything from horror, to romance, to depressing deaths and demons. I enjoy showing what exactly goes on up stairs, and all I can do is hope you like what it has to create. Help me help you enjoy.

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    mumbled "ABOUT BOOK!"

    Hello fellow Road Trip Readers, I juts wanted to let all of you know I have not forgotten any of you, nor the book, I have just been incredibly busy lately. I just got some editing and writing done for the next chapter, and I should have it up in a couple weeks when I get back home from spring break. Thank you for your patience.

  • StormsAndDisasters
    Hey, I think this is where you wanted me to go....we'll see haha. But, I did fan you like you asked. I'm figuring everything out a bit. So, thank you so much so far. This is a pretty cool website.
    4 years ago
    your welcome. how did you get such a cool profile picture
    hey sorry,. I found it on google. I just typed in awesome blue hair. and it came up!
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