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I'm the dragon of lore,
And my words hellfire.
I'm not the princess in a tower,
I'm a Queen making an empire....

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    mumbled "hey all!"

    well im trying my hand at pros along with poetry
    so here's my first ever non poetry update. this is kinda like a trial episode so comment if you want to read more of this. i'll write the next chapter if i can rack up 50 comments. thanks for your time
    The Not so Grim Reaperwho said a reaper had to be grim? this is the diary of the " not so grim" reaper and the things she encounters as she goes about delivering souls to their...
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    mumbled "update!"

    greetings everyone :)
    i just posted a new poem and i was thinking of putting it up somewhere so reviews and opinions would be appreciated. thank you to everyone who has read my poems so far! i feel very happy that you are sparing some time from your busy lives to view something that i'm passionate about.
    to all you reviews ppl the link is below ;)
    Far Far Awaya plunge into magic and mystery
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