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  • Stephydoddlebug
    I think Austin should just kiss Selena wich makes just jealous and then him and Austin get on to a fight over Selena and justin beats up Austin really bad and Selena realizes that she likes Austin more
    Love Triangle: New Me
    Love Triangle: New...
    Selena Gomez is a normal 18 year old girl. Her life is crazy first she breaks up with her boyfriend Justin. Then a new love for Austin comes back. But she still misses Justin. After this breakup she will...
  • Stephydoddlebug
    Yes u should
    тнe ѕтepвroтнer
    тнe ѕтepвroтнer
    Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin. But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone. Will things change Or Will they stay the same?
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