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  • stephfitz910

    help me please?!?!

    please help me i dont no how to write my own story please help me thanx!!!!:{} :* :¬'#
    4 years ago
    If you mean a Movella, then go to your profile on the top right of the screen, select the drag down button, and the third to last option should be 'New Movella'. Hopefully this helps :)
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    If you have any problems here's a guide for you. I wrote it. I hope it helps. Feel free to ask me any doubts you may have-
    Welcome To Movellas: A GuideWelcome to Movellas! This movella is for those who are new to movellas and have problems adjusting to a new environment! Worry not! Here are some tips...
  • stephfitz910
    sounds really good but the thing is i hate that every story i read on this website not just this 1 but it only shows u sum of it:( but overall the start sound amasing:):):):):):):)
    Not So Ordinary
    Not So Ordinary
    An ordinary girl named Ivy and her 3 best friends, Alex, Jordan and Isabelle are 4 ordinary girls from California. It's a new year at Redwood Alternative High School. They're seniors. They've never been...
  • stephfitz910

    mumbled "help plz?!?!"

    Hi im just after starting this and could sum1 help me? How do u make ur own story with other people????
    HELP NEEDED PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 years ago
    Make your story, (remember to put tags) then go to co-authors. I you have fans, you can invite one of them to write with you.
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