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    Hey, guysssss.......... I'm currently writing the new chapters of Being A Runaway Twin. I'd probably sometime later. I'll try to put up 2 chapters soon. Thank you for all the reads and likes. I really appreciate it. Do you think I should publish a new book soon? I'm planning on it and I'm already writing drafts of it. Its called Accidental Video Call and its a Niall fan fiction. Anyways, read my book on wattpad and fan me, please. My username is steffie018 and the book is called Perfect Rebel. Here's the link wattpad.com/story/11213163-perfect-rebel
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    Guys..... To those who are reading my story I can't update till Saturday or Sunday cause I have school. Plus my parents always bring the wifi with them whenever they go somewhere. I'm really sorry but by saturday I may be uploading all 3 chapters. -Steffanie
    Being A Runaway Twin
    Being A Runaway...
    Winter Louise Styles was once a member of the Styles family. She had a fraternal twin sister named, Savannah Chloe Styles. Savannah has been always the flirty and slutty one. Harry had always thought that...
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