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I'm usually found in dark smoky rooms, wherever there's good tea, coffee, or mountain dew I'm there. Reclusive.

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    Hey, use this to advertise your stuff!
    Just stick all you want people to read on it. Also works for advertising other people you want others to see.
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    Hey group members, if ever you join, which I kinda doubt but still... Just whack an intro here, don't care what it is, no need to be too dramatic but try to sum yourself up in a few sentences.
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    This is written so poorly it actually hurts.
    Olivia is 19 and her boyfriend Liam Payne and Niall, Taylor,Leah,Harry, Louis, and Zayn move to a house that isn't what it seem's. Weird things happen like Harry and Louis find a box in the attic. Read...
    5 years ago
    wow maybe keep your opinions too yourself if they r hurtful like that! :) Have a nice day
    5 years ago
    I could care less
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    mumbled "Playing up to the same old image"

    Problem with life is that things get incredibly old, incredibly fast. People tend not to see that, I suppose that's what comes of being a breed of ignorant sheep, willing to follow the first person who tells them what they want to hear. People always say they like new things, yet always have a very specific thing which they are looking for.
    So being one of few genuinely individual people I seem to have gained a reputation as some kind of manipulative, evil mastermind. To be perfectly honest I rather liked it at first, it meant that people tended not to try and irritate me but after a while it got old as everything does, I think what most people fail to see is that being slightly different from them is not a terrible thing.
    Rant over.
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