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Not much to say here...
Joined because a friend asked me to, so do not go expecting stories from me as I tend to draw my ideas rather than write them.
Also... the "Full name"... Not my real name but it is a name I use in games.


If you read this: YOU must be bored
If not: you have multiple tabs open.


Why are you still here? Go bother some other Profile.

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    Question... How long did you spend coming up with the ideas? Or did you just write what comes into your head?
    It took you 8-10 MINUTES to write this... Pretty awesome if you ask me.
    Coming Out of the Closet
    Coming Out of the...
    I have a gay friend, who was very brave, and came out of the closet. This poem is to honor his bravery. Dan, I hope one day you can stand up to your alpha-male Dad.
    CrazyCatChloë xx
    Thanks Deniss. Luv ur profile pic! I just get ideas like lightning, then I write them down :)
    CrazyCatChloë xx
    Oh and ADD A MOVELLA! Yeah, I can do bossy! *snaps fingers in Z formation* Also add a blog post so I can talk to yah!!
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