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Hi :P I'm Star (Yes that's my real name xD) I love to write stories...No hate. No negative comments please if you don't like what I write don't comment.

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    love it
    Been Famous Is Hard, Or Is It? A 1D fanfic.
    Been Famous Is Har...
    19 year old Lucy and her best friends Star and Eloise (both 19) are about to follow their dreams of becoming famous. Eloise and Lucy are 2 months away from going on to the X-Factor while Star is thinking...
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    Love it! PLease read mine
    Always The One! Niall Horan Fan...Love Niall Horan from One Direction? Then read this book! Written by Star Snowden, this is her first EVER fan fiction. Please send feedback and feel free...
    One Month (1SHOT41D)
    One Month (1SHOT41...
    Elaine is what she would call a relationship expert. The thing is, she's never actually been in a real relationship - she just observes them. Her theory is that the average teen relationship lasts one...
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