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Hey! My name's Starla but everyone can call me Star. I am literally insane. Starfish.

I'm such a bookworm, I have read the Harry Potter series 39 times and counting...without getting bored! I love Harry Potter, The Chocolate Box Girls, The Hunger Games etc., and I also love Jacqueline's Wilson's work. I want to be like her some day!

I always pick profile pictures that look kinda like me....no idea why I said that, I'm so random LOL!

The few friends that I have call me bubbly, and say that I am an amazayn singer. I don't know about that but here's a few bands/singers that I like:

Black Veil Brides,
One Direction, NeverShoutNever, Halestorm, The Ready Set.


Oh by the way....I strongly believe that London is a country and that YOLO stands for You Obviously Love Oreos.

Starla Blaze'x

  • Starla Blaze'x

    mumbled "Asking Alexandria? GIMMEE"

    Yes, you heard correctly. Sorry? One Direction? Aha no, no. I have grown out of that fad. Asking Alexandria are possible the sexiest boy band to ever walk the frickin planet. Plus, they are actually GOOD.

    Directioners, don't hate me for this. I used to be one of you too! I even had a 1D poster on my wall! But, I have finally realized my style. One Direction is good. If you're a twelve year old girl.

    I love AA, they are my life now, along with other bands (Black Veil Brides, In This Moment etc., etc.).

    So, yeah. Just wanted to clear something up, because I have lost a lot off friends due to my genre change.
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    Amazing! Can't wait for the next bit. Ahhhh! Fangirling!
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    Kieva Rising
    5 years ago
    Aw, ta Starla :). Had this idea since the album came out XD, finally had the guts to write it XD
  • Starla Blaze'x
    I love it! Thank you very, very much for that!
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    OMG I need this. I'm very socially awkward. Could I join?
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