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Hey! I am quite a wild, maybe crazy person. I love music, my favourite band is McFly; I absolutely worship them. I also love reading, my two most favourite reads are: Harry Potter (of course!) and the Percy Jackson series. I love thrillers, action, horror, adventure, ghost stories and of course, that bit of romance that gets us tearing out our hearts in agony!

  • StargirlSparrow
    I love McFly sooo much. They are my favourite band in the world. Why on earth would you put them in a story with one direction and then kill off Tom and Harry! What is wrong with you??!!!!!!
    One Direction and McFly...a dramatic tale of two bands
    One Direction and...
    Writing the last bit of this story brought tears to my eyes. Because members of my two favourite bands DIE... It's a car crash story...
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