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  • starbuckssfreakk
    Please update it has been forever since your last update and I really love this story and want to read more of it
    Of a Different Kind
    Of a Different Kin...
    I don't know what I am. But I know it's causing a lot of trouble for him.
  • starbuckssfreakk
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    In LOVE with this story it is amazing keep going please!!
    My BIG Journey
    My BIG Journey
    'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen. 'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?' I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking. "Umm-uhh......
    <3 The Inbetween <3
    Gracias! (Thank you!) SO much for commenting! It means a WHOLE bunch! :) <3
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