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Promoting Writers

by , Tuesday August 7, 2018
 Promoting Writers

Promoting the great writers on Movellas

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  • Squonk of the Nightshade
    Another good start. Have you used the first chapter before? Rings a bell but maybe I have the power to see the future ;) Anyway it reads well. Very chatty style with the dialogue running throughout. Produces just the right sort of tension in the build up in chapter one and doesn't drop off. Well written :)
    Lie Like a Magpie
    Lie Like a Magpie
    Maggie has dyed hair but faking her hair colour isn't the only thing. Her name, her identity, what her parents do for a living; they're all faked too. It’s part of their job, to hide the truth and bury...
    Lily Anna
    2 days ago
    Thank you :)
    And yeah, it is a chapter I wrote a long time ago but rewrote it. The story has expanded and developed very much since then.
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