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You don't only live once. You live several times as different characters, in real life or in books.

  • Anonymousgirlforever
    Ples update soonzz I luv your book
    To Entrance and Captivate
    To Entrance and...
    Let's get some things straight: he came after me, he kidnapped me, and he ruined my life. Singlehandedly. It didn't matter that every time he entered the room my heart pounded painfully, and whenever...
  • Anonymousgirlforever
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    This needs an update asap. This book is amazing
    Royally Yours
    Royally Yours
    Vera has always been different. She's always wanted to be normal, but her constant change of eye color prevented her from doing so. She just started her senior year, thinking she was going to attend her...
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