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Springtrap And Golden Freddy are available to ask too!

Everyone's dates:

Springtrap: Mangle
Springbonnie: (Needs a date and is male so go ahead, ladies!)
Golden Freddy: Chica
Fredbear: Toy Chica

  • SpringbonnieAndFredbear
    Wolf Song
    Wolf Song
    This story is about Silia. She was born to a dog and a wolf. Her mother was an experiment and father a pure-blood wolf. Silia is half dag and half wolf, she has the most valuable bloo known to the wolf...

  • SpringbonnieAndFredbear

    Looking For A Friend Who Can Help Me With Character Personality

    My OCs Need some work, but here's a story i'm making about them:

    ~12:00 PM~

    Roxo pulled the curtain over and sighs. He glances at the clock, trying not to make any noise. He didn't want to wake up Chilly. He was covered and tied up in strings.
    "Done!" Roxo shouts, but realized how loud he was. He quickly covered his mouth and looks at Chilltrap. He sees that one ear is up. Suddenly, Chilltrap opens his eyes, doing so with a smirk. "CHILLY I SWEAR I WILL-" "Cut that smirk right off my face?" Chilltrap cut Roxo off. Roxo steps back, pulling his hook behind his back. "Yeah. Didn't think so." Roxo sighed. "Anyways, your guitar is fixed." Chilltrap scoffed in a joking way. "It's a BANJO, Rox. A BANJO."

    ~12:00 AM~

    "Hey kids!" Roxo shouted joyfully as the curtains sprung open. He waved with his hook at the kids. Everyone cheered, but more directed at Chilltrap, who was sitting on a Derro's Pizza Trademarked chair holding his Banjo. He waved with an akward smile that was obviously fake.

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