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In my profile pic, I'm the girl on your left who's head is halfway on there.........and please give me NO hate!!!! COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!! Like me and love me but don't hate me. I have dreams so let me dream!!!!! :) (p.s the other girl is my beautiful friend.) Oh and i love 1D <3 <3

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    ADHD!!!!!!! You know everything about me so you know make one about me!!!!!!!! please:) LOVE YOU!!!!!!! <3 oh and happy EARLY birthday!;)
    All my 'Imagines' are clean. Well, leave your comment below, and I'll see what I can come up with!!
  • SPHEEforever
    loveee ittt!! Oh and Pierman!!! lololol ;))))
    Ugly Fame
    Ugly Fame
    A classic rocker named of her Mother's favorite singer, Fergusun Tomlinson FitzHenderson is on the road to fame. Well, not exactly.. Going by her middle name, Tomlinson trys her hardest to become the most...
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