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Hi I don't really know what to say in this but here are a few things abut me :)
I love the colors blue, green and red
I am in Slytherin house
I am currently dating George Weasley
I am half-blood
I am a witch, vampire, werewolf and a warrior daughter of Athena and Mars.
I am currently attending Hogwarts the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
I am part of the faction Abnegation.
And i love writing stories of my adventures, hope you enjoy them :)
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    mumbled "A George Weasley Love Story Updates"

    Please read the new updates. i realise that they took a while but i was occupied by study. Please read and give feed back :) Thanks
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    I am still writing but have had to concentrate on study for a while though i have spare time and wont hesitate to update. Thanks :)
    A Harry Potter World
    A Harry Potter Wor...
    If you have ever wanted to be part of the wonderful world of Hogwarts, then here is your ultimate chance the only problem is that it will be in a story :( Dang it.
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    1) I barely come out of my room when writing (i just like getting my ideas down)
    2) Try and discuss my story with my parents even if i know they aren't listening
    3) Talk about my story non-stop i feel like it is my reality.
    4) Bring it up to my friends, family and strangers whenever i can even if it doesn't make any sense.
    5) Talk to myself ( or my characters i feel that are there) about the way i should say a line, how the next scene should be or what the character should be like.
    6) Will create a character then will have to find the PERFECT picture on google and then a few days later cannot stand that photo and will spend another week looking for another photo.
    7) Will study the character back to front until i am content with how much i know about them.
    8) Must draw my own family tree/bloodlines for my characters even if they are the smallest character and only have one line i must know who their grandparents are why they are mentioned.
    9) I will read my lines out to make sure they sound right for the characters or the scene or to see if they flow.
    10) i will re-write the same line 5 times until i am happy with the way it sounds.
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    mumbled "A George Weasley Love Story Update"

    This is the last you will see of the George and Mia relationship in the next story of their children. I have been so happy with everything i have gotten back from the previous story that i thought i would carry on with the next generation and pursue on the children's lives with the confliction with their parents and the past. So the next story is about Pheme Shepard's child.
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    My internet has been stuffing around again so i havent been able to update...but i have been able to write no more as i havent needed to study so within the next few days i should be able to give the last parts to the story but dont worry there will be more. Just stay tuned in my Mumbles :) Thanks
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    A George Weasley Love Story
    A George Weasley...
    Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them...
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