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Hey guys, my name is Claire.
I'll update lots and lots in the summer!
Love you guys so much, keep writing? <3 <3 <3
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  • SparksOfAction
    lol wut?
    so, I like it but I can't really have an opinion on it... considering its only two paragraphs... maybe email me your ideas?
    The Voice That Changed Perspective-The title will probably change
    The Voice That Cha...
    When he hears a weird type of speech, he's curious to know why she's talking like this... But when Fawn explains, he has a problem that will be hard to fix. But he's persistent. Very persistent. (I'll...
    3 years ago
    *****short STORY not dirty...omg the sliding thing on my kindle keyboard gets on my nerves sometimes
    3 years ago
    Oh and did you get the email with the cover ideas?
    3 years ago
    nope I didn't get the email
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