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  • SparkleGURL21
    I LOVE YOUR STORY!! Please update soon! I need more!
    Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)
    Don't Speak (a One...
    -NOW IN PROGRESS ONCE AGAIN, AUGUST 2013!- It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves...
  • SparkleGURL21
    I really love your story! Could you check out my story Find Me if You Can? I'm not done it yet though, but I would like some feed back on what I have so far!:)
    Sick Little Games
    Sick Little Games
  • SparkleGURL21
    I loved it! It was so cool! And thanks for reading my story! :) I hope you'll read the second chapter of my story
    The Words
    The Words
    Eliza is an Army Brat. She speaks many languages and has live any where from her humble home town in England, Braxton to Korea, Australia, and more. She is 18 an her life is finally falling into place....
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