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I'm a hardcore-badass-crime-fighting Ziam, Larry, Mashton and Cake shipper! Don't like that? DEAL WITH IT.

And shut up.
They're my boys and I love them to death what can I say?
Bands. Sleep. Tea. Music.
5SOS,1D and Ed fanfics (sometimes with Little Mix)

  • Badass_irwin

    mumbled "Fanfic idea"

    Ok so like it would be really cute if someone wrote a vintage ziam fanfic. Like you set the time zones in the 40's-50's and if you've seen the original footloose or breakfast at Tiffany's or any 40's - 50's movies you can use that as a refrence for ideas. If you decide to write this fanfic pleeeeease tag me or let me know so I can read it and even give you a shoutout on my twitter and instagram that have 24k followers. x
  • Badass_irwin

    mumbled "Vacation shit"

    Ok so I can't log into my Email cause it wants to send a verification to my phone because I am in a different country but it can't cause I have mobile data turned off
  • Badass_irwin
    Best novella ever. Nuff said xD
    Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)
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