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Hi, I'm Hanna. I love the Kingdom Hearts video game series, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Sailor Moon, Vocaloid, and Lovless (well anything yaoi XD) I may write some original stories but most will be fanfiction. So, look out for some of my writings and hope you enjoy.

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    I'm Hanna, a slightly uninteresting and yet very obsessive fangirl. You can see a few of the things I obsess over on my profile. Warning for you: yaoi fangirl, and before you ask no, I'm not all "GENOCIDE AGANST THE GIRLS, BECAUSE THEY'RE GROSS AND GET IN THE WAY OF MY PAIRINGS!" Ugh, I hate those people, they prove badly for fangirl kind. I have a ff.net account and a youtube acoount (as if you're interested in my life). Anyways, should I keep doing this, or am I talking to no one? Looking forward to meeting new people. Goodbye, my lovelies. -SFG
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