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  • sophiecaryn
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    Sophie, almost 16, long dirty blonde hair, green eyes. with Niall please:) and where dont know.. suprise me ?:)x
    1D Imagines & Preferences
    1D Imagines & Pref...
    Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_
  • sophiecaryn
    4 years agoReply
    first of all i want to say thx to you :) this ff is So amazing!
    Cyber Louis
    Cyber Louis
    Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But...
  • sophiecaryn
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    she is not allowed to.die :'( please Not! i could be a miracle coz nialls love to her is the medicin. please :'((
    The Lost Kiss ~COMPLETE~
    The Lost Kiss ~COM...
    Niall and Lily have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten. Freshman homecoming came around, and Niall asked Lily if she would be his date but go as friends. They had an awesome time, and after,...
  • sophiecaryn
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    A Vampires Distraction
    A Vampires Distrac...
    Anna and Lily are major One Direction until they meet them where they find out their true identity's, Will Jamie and Lily become their next meal or the boys new lovers? READ TO FIND OUT!!!
  • sophiecaryn
    4 years agoReply
    i love it xx
    My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles
    My Brothers Band...
    Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance?...
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