Sophia Marie

I am a teenager. Surprise! I know absolutely nothing about 1D so don't expect any stories on them. Or at least I don't expect to. But life is full of surprises, right?

<My sister, さくら❀, got me interested in this site.>

I enjoy writing very much, and would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. Comments mean more to me than favoring my work. Mistakes make the world go round, so please let me know if I've made some in my writing.

Now, if you do like something, be sure to let me know. I appreciate all likes and favors! If you fan me, I am likely to return the favor. :)

Personally, I feel that we are a biased audience when judging ourselves. With this in mind, I'd like to let you know that I am obnoxiously sarcastic at times, tend to rant when I feel strongly about something, am an extreme nerd, and an awesome person to be around!

So enjoy! :D

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