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    Name: Sonia Age:14 Fav1D member:Harry Looks:medium black hair, brown eyes, 6 inches smaller than styles Interests: singing, Personality: outgoing, shy, funny, sweet, loving, helpful Ideas: harry could fall in love with me for the way i look but then he gets to know me for who i really am n realises i am the complete package;) thnx id love yuh if u made it for me !! Thnx babe!!
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    I'm going to write some One Direction imagines soon. I will write one for each of the boys. See A/N for more details. Please remember to favourite so you can keep updated.
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    Good.You just need to build suspense
    Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man? *** Sorry guys I'm...
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