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Hiya!! My name is mica but you can call me Anime or Ani. I am in love with anime. The rest is for you 2 find out!! Peace!!

  • _Anime808_

    mumbled "noobie again!"

    2 years agoReply
    wow its been so long since I went to this site. I mightve even forgot what the site is called. Tho I'm not surprise that I lost 40 followers. oh wells. :)
  • _Anime808_

    mumbled "Worst month ever!!!"

    3 years agoReply
    This had been the worst moth of my life. I don't get it, because it's my birth month, like Niall horan. I lost 2 friends. One boy and one girl. My bestfriend moved away. I'm talking about you Hello 1d kitty. And my friends in school seem to be drifting apart, mostly from me. School is horrible!!! But there are good things in life that happened. I became a fully member of my church, I got back with a friend. And well, that's the only thing. I don't even know what else.
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    Wait. What do you mean by "drifting apart"? :O
    3 years ago
    Um, it feels like we aren't even best friends any longer. It's like we are only friends. Boring friendship.
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  • _Anime808_

    mumbled "Please Remember Me"

    4 years agoReply
    Okay, So for the Please Remember Me lovers. Good for you. Thanks for your patience that I will be publishing the new sequel on that book.
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