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"There were two things Janey Little loved best in the world: music and books, and not necessarily in that order."
-The Little Country (Charles de Lint)
Hi!!! I'm Song of the Page, and I'll mostly be posting stories based of of song lyrics. I hope you enjoy, and I'll try and update often.
High fives and Happiness,
Liz ;D

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    This is an excellent base for a story. Just, Clarissa in the story is 20. Usually girls in Roman households get married off at around 16 I believe. But it's fantastic. Keep going. I'm excited to read more
    The City of the Dead
    The City of the...
    The Mount Vesuvius lays in Italy by the town Pompeii. A town of Italy. Known for its riches in soils and wealthy agriculture. May it be a place of love? A young gladiator is taken as a slave to the...
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    This is amazing! I love the way you portrayed this. Your writing was amazing, I loved the dark, poetic feel to this piece. You are truly gifted.
    Of Hope and Despair
    Of Hope and Despai...
    It was over in an instant. The Minotaur charged, slicing open her stomach with horns of ruthless malevolence, and Despair started to absorb the final remnants of her anguish. Sometimes, he wondered if...
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    Thank you! :) :) That means a lot.
    Song of the Page
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    no problem ;)
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