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I am a girl with an unknown future, a tale to tell, a sole to bless. Like my books and i shall always be grateful <3
Hit me up with some books to read :) I'm always open for a good read :3

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    New story (16+)
    Hit it up, have a read. Tell me what you think. Also like it for more. I won't be continuing it (in public anyway) if it doesn't get the likes needed to be seen enough :) its a 16+ as you can tell, and as some may know im only 15 ahah yes i changed my age to write it onto here. It just needed the right labelling.
    heyy. I love your books and they are sooooo awsome!!!!!:) Hope you read my book. Its called love at first sight by mystery_love258. If dont its okay because 5 people fav it.
    Cat herondale
    Social.wonder I was wondering could we plz do a joint story thx cat
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    Has this Author moved on? :c
    Nialler's love #1
    What's the book title? :)
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    Stories anyone?

    okay, I am really in the mood for reading a one direction fanfic. one with love, lust and hate all in one
    any suggestions, post the url to the story in the comments below :3
    more books thanx
    I WOULD SO appreciate it if you read my fanfic "My Sisters's Fiancé" I LOVE the Isn't she Lovely series, they're AMAZAYN.
    My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction)...Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step...
    plz read My Fanfic called: Unexpected Meet
    I don't totally know how to link but it's my only fanfic so if you clicked on my account you can see it's the only fanfic there. PLEASE READ IT AND COMMENT-LIKE-LOVE!
    Jamaican Jellybeans
    Plz read my 1D fanfic called 'Surprise' and tell me what you think :-) would really appreciate it :-) P.s I'm a big fan. :-) <3
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    I AM BACK!

    hey readers <3 I am back ! with a new one direction fanfic !!!! WOO HOO
    after going to their concert last night i have fallen in love with them all over again !! <3 amazing right :3 yes, and i really hope you readers enjoy this new story :3
    That means your an aussie too! I love your fanfics and i cant wait for the new one!
    well yes, living in australia but i am british :)
    and thank you :3
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    New Book

    Wow, haven't been here in AGES!! i have a new book out xx only the first chapter , a short one :) Called 'A Story To Tell' . Have a read, see if you like it xx And let me tell you, the grammar has improved BY FAR ! haha hope you like xx thank you readers
    hi there, I'm a f an of yours all though I haven't any of your books, I plan to read each of them but im commenting on this because i ask if you would like to be a co-author to a book of mine althugh i havent created it yet I have some ideas and it is a one direction fanfiction but it is not a concert type one more of a before hand one, anyways I hope we could be great patners in book writing and that you wouldn't mind. :)
    your books are really good. now be reading yours I know how to make my story's better.
    reading your story's you wouldn't think that a 15 year old would have a mind like yours to be able to write such great story's.
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    New Book :)

    hey everyone :)
    i have written a new book called 'Fun House'. Its for a competition so I hope you can all read and hit the like button <3 thank you xx only hit the like if you truly like it tho :)
    ~1D.wonder xx
    Can you tell me what did you do to get so many freaking readers? Lol I'm kinda new so if you don't mind, would you check mine out?
    The NannyONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well... Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it,...

    It would mean a lot from someone as popular as you
    Deleted by admin.
    Eponine the Lovestruck
    U should read mcgu's books
    your story's just better and better
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