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5sos is my life. They are unbelievably amazing and make my little life in the minority worth something��

I love to write but I'm definitely no professional. I'm not an amazing person but I'll always be there if you need a friend.

Music is absolute perfection��

I'm definitely a book worm, and I'll be the one at a party to secretly pull out their phone to read��

I hope you guys give anything I post on here a shot!

"тнəѕə вooĸѕ arə мy drυgѕ, тнə wordѕ мy lιqυor; ιgnιтιng тнə paѕѕιon and ғəədιng тнə ғlιcĸər.

əacн pagə lιĸə poιѕon, нoт wιтн dəѕιrə; playιng wιтн əмoтιonѕ and тaĸιng мə нιgнər.

ѕυcн an addιcтιon ιѕ dιvιnə and ι conғəѕѕ тнaт ιт ιѕ мιnə:

lιĸə cιgarəттəѕ arə ғor crooĸѕ, мy oвѕəѕѕιon ιѕ вooĸѕ."

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