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    mumbled "Poetry"

    So, as you might noticed, I published to poems lately. It's (ofcourse) for the competition since I NEVER let anyone read my poems. If you've read them, you can always give advice or something.
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    mumbled "school"

    My teacher of religion had this paper with all personal questions, and one of them was 'your dream job'. Ofcourse I wrote down writer, but because not many people know that I wrote down something else as well
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    mumbled "Last chapter"

    Just finished my last chapter of 'Not an ordinary summer'. Hope you guys liked it. Anyway, the 21th of May, I saw 5SOS live in Belgium! They were honestly amazing. It was so incredible how many people were there. It's definetely a night I'll never forget.
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    mumbled "want to delete story"

    I'd like to delete 'Bad boys do it better' but I don't know how. I lost my respect for Zayn. He's gone too far
    3 years ago
    Hi, could you comment on my Movella about your views of Zayn leaving the band to help me write a new chapter? Thank you :)
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